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New Zealand Superannuation Fund assignment

Building New Zealand’s future together

“The quality of the people they brought on to do the build, and the advantage of having people who helped write the information management strategy meant they already had an in‐depth understanding of what we needed.”  Greg McHugh, Head of IT, New Zealand Superannuation Fund

The Crown entity charged with managing the New Zealand Superannuation Fund chose to collaborate with us to deliver a top-quality Management Information Framework for funds administration operational reporting and analytics.   But the now 3 year long partnership didn’t start there says Phil Pietersen,  “At first we were engaged to assist Greg understand what the business needed in order to grow”, and as an independent organisation ClearPoint was able to do just that.


“Their initial role was to talk to the heads of business and other key people to find out what they wanted to do over the next three years” says Greg.  As an independent organisation, ClearPoint was able to provide an environment where the management team articulated what they wanted without being concerned about the solution at this early stage.  “They weren’t constrained by what our systems currently could or could not do.  They could be completely open with the ClearPoint team about what they wanted”.


When ClearPoint were selected to deliver the platform itself the core was built in just over 60 days using the latest Microsoft technology for the data repository, development language and reporting. We followed an Agile Software Development approach called Feature Driven Development (FDD) that delivers tangible, working software repeatedly in a timely manner.


Key outcomes were:

  • Rapid loading of multiple data streams into a secure central environment.
  • A scalable management information platform to support the Fund’s exciting growth plans.
  • The ability to deliver consistent slice and dice information from the central ‘source of truth’.


To learn more, download our ClearPoint NZ Superannuation Fund case study.


Our work for NZ Superfund was recognised by the Australian Future Fund, for whom we have now developed their entire Information Management strategy and system design.  ClearPoint is currently retained as the Technology Advisory Board attending sessions in Melbourne every 2 months. It also lead to ClearPoint recently being engaged on a major project with the NZ Accident Compensation Commission Investments in Wellington to design their Management Information Framework system and capability.


ClearPoint is currently developing the strategy and roadmap for a sophisticated CRM / ERM system that will manage these stakeholders and in the process provide integration with unstructured data source systems such as email and contracts.


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