Software Integration & Development.

Highly successful, robust, fast software solutions with fast ROI are a product of highly effective software teams. We strongly believe in our approach of “ProDev ” – combining the best software engineering talent we have, with proven development methods and leadership.

Great software engineers bring all the requisite disciplines, creativity and technical excellence, but also a sense of craftsmanship to software development.  Craftsmanship is the care and attention that separates the great solutions from the average.

ClearPoint has developed a software development methodology which combines the best features of agile development approaches, including Scrum, Feature Driven Development (FDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD). Our methodology combined with our highly skilled team is ideal for complex software integration solutions, and delivers faster, more flexibly and more accurately than our competitors.

Our team is highly knowledgeable across nearly all contemporary enterprise software development technologies.  Our skills include;

  • Enterprise Web (“Web2.0”) Development
  • Usability and Interactive Design, Agile Software Methods, Project Management Methods
  • Mobile Application Development including iOS, Android, and Windows Platforms
  • Enterprise Integration, JEE and Open Systems, Microsoft Technology, Oracle Technology
  • Data Visualisation, Structured and Unstructured Information Management, Business Intelligence, BigData

To find out more about how ClearPoint Software Integration and Development can help you contact us now.  To find out more about how we think read our blog.

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