Run Overview.

Supporting and enhancing software applications.

ClearPoint’s Run service provides ongoing support for applications and delivers a stream of high value small enhancements. Our support services are a cost effective and highly flexible alternative to managing applications through in-house IT teams. We handle the daily maintenance of applications and systems so that internal IT teams can focus on other business priorities rather than administrative tasks.

ClearPoint offers a full range of services including:

  • Industry best practices for service management
  • 8×5, 24×7 software support
  • Small enhancement services
  • System administration support
  • Cloud-hosted systems management
  • Cloud advisory & migration services

Industry best practices for service management

ClearPoint’s support service is aligned with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) based Service Management protocols to ensure a high quality, consistent approach to maintenance issues across multiple vendors.

8×5, 24×7 Software support

Our flexible service options allow clients to choose the level of support that best suits their needs.

Small enhancement services

We recognise that environments change and sometimes updates are needed. Small enhancements and application maintenance requests are included as a normal part of BAU support, eliminating the need to set-up a special project team for every small improvement. Any updates and improvements are implemented using the same trademark Agile approach used during development to ensure minimum disruption to business.

System administration support

We ensure systems run smoothly by running daily maintenance checks and acting on any service requests, so that client IT teams can focus on other projects instead of administration. 

Cloud-hosted systems management

ClearPoint is platform agnostic and supports any cloud-based infrastructure including Amazon Web services, Rackspace or Microsoft Azure. Our support team works closely with clients to efficiently manage infrastructure requirements to meet fluctuating demands.

Cloud advisory and migration services

ClearPoint can assist with migration of cloud service providers and provide ongoing support and advisory services for future enhancements.

The ClearPoint difference

ClearPoint’s support team includes members of the original software development team. Our in-depth knowledge of the application architecture means we’re able to solve problems quickly and effectively when they arise and make enhancements easily as needed. The team also has access to the entire ClearPoint network of specialists with expertise in various tools and technologies.

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