Resource Overview.

Right person, right time, right price.  

ClearPoint is meticulous in employing talented, skillful and personable people on a managed resource basis. We help businesses achieve superior results by sourcing highly skilled IT talent to add capability to their in-house teams. Drawing on a wealth of experience we ensure the best possible mix of skills, experience and cultural fit to meet each client’s unique requirements.  We offer flexible engagement options, depth of expertise, and a wide range of skills.

Benefits of ClearPoint’s managed resources include:

  • Flexible managed-resource engagement – Part time CTO, project and software development team augmentation
  • Wide Range of Skills – Consultants, Developers, Software Architects, Dev Ops, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Test Managers, Test Analysts, Quality Assurance, Automated Testing
  • Depth of Expertise – Change management, business process modelling & re-engineering
  • Access to global talent
  • Cutting edge thinking

Flexible managed-resource engagement

By engaging managed resources clients receive significant value by having key functions looked after such as HR reviews, social events, ongoing learning and QA. We tailor every engagement to suit each client’s specific needs, whether it’s looking to supplement an existing team or engage a full complementary team. We provide exceptionally capable, personable people at market rates.

Wide Range of Skills

ClearPoint supports a ‘best-of-breed’ approach to technology and hires professionals from all technology backgrounds, types and disciplines. We have talented people across every stage of the software development lifecycle, including: Consultants, Developers, Software Architects, Dev Ops, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Test Managers and Test Analysts. Our specialist consulting includes offerings of Virtual Chief Technology Officer, transformation management, technical due diligence, technology advice, and general business advisory services. No matter what technology is in place, or the direction a client wants to go, we can deliver.

Depth of Expertise

We hand select professionals that are masters of their craft. By finding and retaining the best talent in the industry, seasoned professionals continue to work with us. This creates a growing pool of talented technology experts from which to draw and gives our clients the best candidates in one place. Our associates are part of ClearPoint’s shared learning initiatives, raising the combined understanding for everyone in different technology fields, and deepening our people’s depth of expertise.

Access global talent

We undertake cross-border resourcing to find the best professionals from around the world. We have nearly 40 countries represented and plenty of Kiwis too. The diversity and background of our people adds significant value to our clients and their projects.

Cutting-Edge Thinking

Through guest speaker “tech drops”, team shared learning lunches, and collaborative internal messaging apps, our staff keeps up with the latest technology and trends. We constantly evolve our technology practices to stay ahead of the curve. By challenging ideas and having a culture of learning we apply the latest best practices and methodologies. Clients benefit from our professionals leveraging each others knowledge and bringing fresh thinking to any assignment.

The ClearPoint difference

ClearPoint draws on a wealth of experience providing top talent for clients. With a great track record, and very high placement success rate, our clients have confidence in our ability to provide quality people. Our resource managers are technologists too so they understand the technical skills required. We build enduring relationships, while continuously looking for fresh talent and sourcing great people.

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