Build Overview.

Innovative software development.

ClearPoint delivers software solutions that result in outstanding business outcomes. We partner with our clients to solve complex business problems with innovative technology solutions that align with strategy and create business value.

Our service encompasses the entire software development process — design, build and delivery — with a focus on delivering easy-to-use applications that engage the end customer. Solutions are built using modern software approaches and techniques that ensure flexibility, scalability and high performance. We’re known for pushing boundaries and providing solutions that showcase our clients as industry innovators.

ClearPoint offers a full range of services including:

  • Best-of-breed technology – Open Systems, Web Technology, Java, Microsoft .Net
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • BI and data visualisation
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Integration Services – Enterprise integration, systems integration

Best-of-Breed technology

We are experts in a wide range of technologies, namely Java and Microsoft .Net, allowing us to use the technology that best suits our clients. Whether building an app for a small project or an entirely new enterprise platform, our Build team has the expertise to develop bespoke solutions that delivers results. We’re skillful in modern software techniques and Agile-based development, but are equally comfortable with mature software delivery methods and legacy technologies.

Cloud-based solutions

ClearPoint specialises in cloud-based software solutions built on industry leading cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure. Cloud solutions are highly cost effective and allow clients to pay only for the resources they need, with the ability to expand easily to meet business demands. Our cloud software is robust, flexible, and scalable and can be relied on to provide superior performance and business results.

Business Intelligence and data visualisation

ClearPoint provides business intelligence and analytics services to help extract business insights. Through our deep expertise in data management, we help clients develop information frameworks that capture, visualise and present data in a meaningful way that drives actionable results.

Bespoke solutions

We’re highly flexible; we can build standalone software independently, or collaborate with other vendors to build and integrate into existing enterprise frameworks. We’ll do whatever is best for the client.

Integration services

Complex system integration is in our DNA.  Our technical teams have worked across multiple sectors designing and implementing best in-class enterprise integration solutions.  ClearPoint’s experience covers all major integration technology vendors, a wide range of open source technology, and also platform specific cloud integration on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The ClearPoint difference

How we work with clients is just as unique as the solutions we produce. We use thought leadership to guide clients to bring their business vision to reality. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and ask the hard questions to get the best results. We collaborate closely using the latest online tools to ensure smooth communication internally and with clients irrespective of geography.

ClearPoint has a wide range of technical specialists in-house from UI/UX designers to back-end developers, alongside full stack experts, testers and business analysts. This full spectrum of expertise enables us to deliver a comprehensive solution, from the front-end customer interface through to back-end enterprise and systems integration. Our talented team of specialists deliver

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