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Phil Pietersen: My predictions for 2017

Following on from our look at the highlights of last year, ClearPoint CEO Phil Pietersen shares his insights into what he expects in the coming year.

It’s a new year and, as with all new years, there is always new technology and opportunities on the horizon. In anticipation of another fantastic year, here are my top three predictions for the technology industry in 2017:


Site Reliability Engineering will come into focus

As I mentioned in my last blog, CD/CI and DevOps have been a major focus for ClearPoint throughout 2016. Whilst we believe DevOps is best practice for building and deploying software using Agile methodologies, it is still not common practice in most large corporates. ClearPoint is moving beyond DevOps and into Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) – the extension of DevOps to all areas of software engineering.  SRE has a focus on design lead thinking and working closely with the business to deliver reliability and business value efficiently. We have seen significant changes in this space over the last 24 months and we expect that as these practices become more mainstream we will see more companies throughout New Zealand adopting DevOps and SRE methods to manage enterprise systems this year. As for ClearPoint, we’ll continue to service our clients’ SRE needs through our Consult pillar providing the strategy development and education, and through our Build and Run pillars to undertake hands-on projects. We have seen significant growth in this area over the last 12 months and expect to continue to build staff numbers this coming year.


Technology and social enterprise together will garner even greater results

In 2016, ClearPoint supported Eat My Lunch to launch their new website and assist in optimising backend operations, to great success. It has been a privilege working with such an inspiring, award-winning social enterprise and we have provided some of our staff’s time and expertise pro bono as our contribution to the greater good, thereby helping feed more hungry school kids. And we believe you should too! This year, we see the opportunities for social enterprises to utilise technology as endless. Through the clever use of technology, social enterprises are able to do good while utilising the resources that they have better. The success of Eat My Lunch is already starting to inspire other technologically driven social enterprises and we see this continuing through 2017.


It’s all about automation

Marketing automation has now become common practice, and this year we see software testing automation going the same way. Without automated testing, CI/CD is virtually impossible to do effectively; the two go hand in hand. Test automation helps eliminate most manual testing processes, even in smaller stand-alone systems. Throughout 2017, we expect to see more test automation, and an increase in automated deployments, to speed up the delivery process significantly, as well as eliminate human error throughout the process. Smaller releases, more frequently reduces risk and improves customer satisfaction.


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