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ClearPoint TechDrop: “Microsoft SharePoint Trends″

Thank you to everyone who came along to the first ClearPoint TechDrop of 2012 “Microsoft SharePoint Trends” on Thursday 1st March.

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a leader in the market place as powerful, modern collaborative platform. The number of organisations turning to SharePoint to help deliver business benefits is increasing as the products capability increases.  In this session we covered;

  • Microsoft SharePoint now
  • Microsoft SharePoint and industry trends such as mobility and ‘the cloud’
  • Microsoft SharePoint’s future

For our part, ClearPoint is engaged with many clients on Microsoft SharePoint implementation activities.  Consistent with our core values and services, ClearPoint typically provides leadership in terms of SharePoint Strategy and Architecture, SharePoint Integration and Development services and SharePoint project delivery.

A big thanks to SharePoint Master Wayne Ewington for presenting and leading the group through the SharePoint discussions. It was great to hear Wayne echoing ClearPoint’s belief that careful planning, a well defined information architecture and clear governance are core to successful SharePoint projects. It was also great to hear that rather than fighting the ‘Cloud’ trend like some traditional on premise product vendors Microsoft are embracing it when it comes to SharePoint and Office 365.

ClearPoints TechDrop series has run regularly since our inception in 2007 covering topics from Mining BigData with Hadoop, through to virtual world gaming.  We welcome any feedback, ideas – and look forward to seeing everyone all next time.

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