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Another year of impressive growth: Closing out 2016 at ClearPoint

As ClearPoint bids farewell to 2016, we’ve been reflecting on the areas of success that have defined another fantastic year. ClearPoint enjoyed unprecedented growth in 2015 and we’ve used that momentum to our advantage – continuing to develop our organisational structure, expand our regional footprint, support new client projects and invest in our own people.

Technology speaking, DevOps has been a real focus this year. We’ve poured resources into an acute focus on Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration. In line with software industry trends, ClearPoint has leveraged emerging techniques and practices for building and deploying custom software solutions. As a result of this maturity, we’ve been able to grow our consulting practice significantly, working on high-profile projects across New Zealand and Australia.

We have a fantastic track record in delivering complex projects and supporting large integrations – for example, one of our marquee projects was integrating SAP into a mobile and web e-commerce platform in the FMCG arena. This modern technology is based on a micro-services architecture, which is very much leading edge. This will certainly fuel our continued growth as more organisations mature into this space.

ClearPoint has grown in both size and complexity. We’ve expanded operations in the Wellington office to support multi-regional New Zealand clients. In the two years since the Wellington opened, we’ve grown a team of about 30 staff.

This year also saw the setup of our Australian operation. We hired an Australian regional manager, the talented David Oakes, to support projects in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We’ve had satellite services in Australia before, and his appointment signifies a new level of commitment to the international market.

Our new organisational structure serves as a foundation for professional development within our own team. We’ve invested in increased training opportunities, allowing our staff to expand their skillsets. We hold regular Tech Drop sessions for technical knowledge sharing, and have also had various clients come in to speak about the impacts our ClearPoint technology has had on their businesses.

While our business has seen enormous success, we’ve been able to share our time and give back to the community. Supporting philanthropic efforts has proved quite rewarding, as we can put our technology skills to use for the greater good. For example, we helped Eat My Lunch (a social enterprise that donates and delivers school lunches for each paid order they receive) re-launch their website and assist in improving back end fulfilment operations. Our staff has rallied their support by volunteering their own time for the organisation as well. And we certainly enjoyed eating the festive Christmas Lunch we had ordered to our office.

We wish all our valued clients, partners and friends all the best for the Christmas break and look forward to further growth and success in 2017. Merry Christmas.

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