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Software to change your business game.

The ClearPoint journey started in 2007 with two visionary business partners, Phil Pietersen and Bain Hollister. ClearPoint now has more than 170 talented people and has opened offices in Auckland, Wellington and Melbourne.

At our core we are software engineers. We do IT strategy and architecture, enterprise software development and IT project delivery services. But there’s a creative flair, a sizzle to our services that sets us apart. We approach projects from scratch without making assumptions. We’ll turn things on their head if that’s what is needed. Our way of working leads to exceptional results; results that change your business game.

The ClearPoint ethos.

We believe in thought leadership.

Our clients trust us to deliver solutions that fit hand-in-glove with their strategy. Once we understand their strategy we can deliver exceptional thinking.

We believe in trust and respect.

We seek and attract seriously talented people who turn out brilliant work. Brilliant work attracts even more challenging opportunities and more technology geniuses. And because our team oozes talent we make sure ClearPoint is a place they want to stay. We trust our people and treat them with respect.

We believe that exceptional work speaks for itself.

Clients are our reason for being. We live for them. High-quality work and the value it delivers leads to recommendations from our clients.

We believe that the way we work makes us successful.

We continually ask questions of ourselves to avoid making assumptions. It keeps our focus on the important things: clients, our team and business sustainability.

We believe in sharing knowledge with our team and clients.

IT is a fast-paced sector, characterised by continuous change. Knowledge is empowering. It nurtures clever people and empowers our clients and their businesses.

We believe that our quest for excellence grows our business.

We let our brand develop naturally over time, based on the strength of our work and thought leadership.

We believe in innovation with pragmatism.

Or you could call it innovation balanced by pragmatism. What we mean is our technology solutions can change as and when needed. Rather than making assumptions, we do a full analysis of cost versus build. We make practical decisions about whether to build from scratch, customise existing software or use open source libraries.

We believe in Agile.

We practise Agile software development methodologies to their core. Our clients see regular and rapid releases of fully functioning software and immediate business benefits.

“The ClearPoint team and Agile methodology have changed our expectations around delivery of technology projects. On budget, on time, fit for purpose. The bar has been raised.” Shaun McCauley, Chief Technology Officer, GDT.

We believe in brilliant people.

We trust our seriously clever, senior people to respond quickly to situations and make decisions without needing to go through a chain of command. That equals cost savings for clients and exceptional software.

We believe in innovation.

We believe that you can make anything better by thinking differently. We continually ask questions of ourselves. Our knowledge gives us context but not answers. Rigorous examination of the client’s business is always our starting premise.

Our team.

Our talented team appear all around you on this site. Yes, they’re real people. They’re from all over. All over the world and all over New Zealand.

They’re keen runners, fisherpeople, bbq’ers, football players, photographers, parents and all-round good sorts.

Our team drive a lot of the activity we do as an organisation, from mid-year Christmases to summer picnics complete with egg-throwing competitions. We come together as a company on a monthly basis for quick updates and more importantly to hear from experts and thought leaders about what’s happening in the wider world. And because clients are the reason we exist it’s not uncommon for you to see them at our events. The team will always make newcomers welcome.

They’re also more than happy to sit down and chat with you, so contact us. Or to understand more about the way we work and what we enjoy, read our blog or visit our case studies page.

Our Community

Local knowledge matters. ClearPoint’s strong values-based culture draws together our staff and associates. Whether we’re a natural born Kiwi or someone who’s made New Zealand their home we are all bonded to this country. At ClearPoint we pride ourselves on our community participation and we support a number of initiatives and organisations that deliver support to the wider community. This includes:

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

The ongoing mission of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust is to save lives. When things go wrong the two specialised rescue helicopters and specialist teams watch over more than 1.5 million residents and visitors throughout the greater Auckland coverage area.

Surf Lifesaving NZ

Wherever we go in New Zealand we are surrounded by water. It’s important to ClearPoint to know we’re supporting the people who patrol and rescue our swimming areas and educate New Zealand on water safety.

Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust

ClearPoint supports the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust through donations and other activities.

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